Bedroom Art Query

Bedroom Tapestry on ApartmentTherapy

photo credit: Jenny Kaplan and Chris Corrado for Apartment Therapy

Do you have artwork over your bed?

This is a conundrum that Mr. Cook and I have struggled with since we moved into our apartment two whole years ago. We have a less-than-amazing plain wood bed frame, great mid-century dressers, new gorgeous linens, a couple of framed posters on the walls, but nothing over our bed.

I’m getting tired of the plain wall look, so we’re starting to brainstorm decorating ideas. One consideration we have to keep in mind is that we live in earthquake country. So, it would be unwise to put anything too big, too heavy, or too unwieldy over our heads at night. Anything we put up has to be firmly secured, because no one likes waking up to a concussion.

I kind of like the idea of a soft art piece like in the picture above, either a weaving or a tapestry. I’m not entirely sure I can sell the 70s vibe to Mr. Cook, though, and I know something like that would gather dust like crazy.

The giant engineering prints that you can have done inexpensively at office stores or online are certainly eye catching. But, I’m having trouble figuring out what I could have printed up that large that I would want to look at every day. And the idea of having a big glass frame over our heads while we sleep is a little unsettling. A canvas print would certainly be safer, but I haven’t seen any that particularly inspire me lately.

We’re definitely not the kind of couple to have big inspirational statements or romantic photos on our walls. I’m thinking something more abstract, geometric, or nature-inspired. This looks super cool, but I am pretty sure our landlady would object. This would make our already messy room look even more cluttered.

Do you have any great ideas for us? How about you – what do you have over your bed?


Music on Monday

This weekend, we went to a super fun, gorgeous wedding with lots of great live music. (Aren’t weddings the best?) To commemorate, I had to pick this song for Music on Monday, not only because it always reminds me of the bride but because she actually busted out her trombone at the reception to play along with the band.

Congrats, friends!

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The Wednesday Web

It’s another foodie Wednesday!

Someone over at Eater wrote this very funny and very spot-on article about restaurant trends that they wish would just go away already. What do you think of their pet peeves?

Similarly, here’s what every trendy restaurant menu looks like.

Speaking of menus, here’s a real look at why and how restaurant menus are laid out the way they are (hint: it’s to get you to buy things). Some slight tweaks could help you eat better.

These people think that acting like a chef will help you be more organized. Apparently they’ve never seen Mr. Cook’s clothes dresser.

This will make you want to tip restaurant staff bigger (TLDR: 40% of restaurant workers live in poverty). We know all about that stat in our modest household.

Also in the realm of food, the NYT waxes on about green bell peppers. Apparently, I’m not alone in not loving them. Do you?

Here’s why you should have your friends over for dinner.

Maybe you can serve them these. If so, can I come?

What are you eating…er, reading…this week?

Music on Monday

Do you know Nickel Creek?

They’ve been around for ages, making beautiful, acoustic, folk-ish music. I was introduced to Nickel Creek in college by a musically gifted friend who would do covers of their songs. When I saw them in concert in San Francisco close to a decade ago, they were lovely and talented and chill. Apparently they’re on a reunion tour now and have a new album out, so they visited NPR to play some tunes. Here’s a listen:

What do you think? Are you a Nickel Creek fan? (And how many people do you think ignore their music because they confuse the name with Nickelback??)

Happy Monday, all. Welcome to the first day of September!

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My New Glasses!

You guys, my new glasses are here! No, I mean HERE, on my face already. Yay!!

You may recall that I did a round of try-ons of various Warby Parker styles. I didn’t end up loving any of the glasses I tried on in the first round, so I ordered a second batch of glasses to try. This time, I found a winner. Two, actually, but I decided to prioritize one first to see if I liked the finished product. They are this style in Grenadine. (The other pair I was debating is this one.)

I’ve wanted fun colored glasses for a while, so I like that the price point for Warby Parkers makes it possible to get a little experimental with styles I might not normally try.

Check out my new specs!

(Feel free to ignore whatever weird thing I’m doing with my mouth. I freeze up when taking a picture, even when I’m the one holding the camera. Also, why, when you’re taking pictures of glass, does it do that strange warpy thing that makes it look like my head is squeezed in the middle? That’s me – super odd.)

Now that they’re on my face, so far so good. They could use a little fitting adjustment, so I’m going to see how they ride for a few days and then maybe hit an optical shop for a tweak. (With over 2 decades of glasses wearing experience, I’m pretty handy with an itty bitty screwdriver myself, so maybe I’ll take the first stab at it.)

What do you think? Did I pick the right pair?

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The Wednesday Web (on Thursday)

I’m going to pretend that today is still Wednesday and ignore the fact that I got too busy to post yesterday. Instead, I spent the day hanging out with the fam and running all over town playing taxi. In between which, of course, I was finding all sorts of new stuff to share. Enjoy this smorgasbord of random delights and intrigues…

First, this will be a test of your 90s pop culture memory… if you’re in New York next month, you might want to check out Central Perk. Sound familiar? You might run into some old friends there.

I thought this was interesting (maps! state comparisons!) — how much is $100 really worth where you live? If you’re in California like me, it’s only worth $88.57 relatively speaking. (And probably even less in the San Francisco Bay Area!) Check out your state here.

These artist’s renderings of the world’s most useless products is amusing. Slanted seat chair, anyone?

How do you feel about Irish goodbyes? Personally, I am a fan. This chart helps you figure out when such a departure is appropriate.

I appreciate the creativity behind this ploy by South Korea to thumb their noses at the North Korean government while sending sweet treats to its citizens. Dessert as political statement!

Finally, take a gander at these pretty aerial photos of sandy beaches. Doesn’t it make you want to slather on the sunblock and get your lounge on? Yeah, summer!

What’s catching your eye this week?

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