The Wednesday Web

A) I cannot believe it is October 1st today. Cheeseballs! Where did the year go? I bought a pumpkin at the grocery store this weekend. 2014 practically has a target over its head at this point.

B) You know how sometimes I post all these intense, long reads and serious articles about politics and stuff? Not today, folks! Today, I’m sharing some good old fashioned fluffy lightness. Did you know I used to be a celebrity gossip columnist? Funny, huh. Old habits die hard, though, so here is some entertainment-based entertainment for your reading pleasure.

First, Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom have a crazy ornate estate. (Hey, that rhymes!) Check out how the other half lives…like Moroccan sheikhs or something. Fancy!

I’m sure you’ve seen these creepily delightful photos by now. Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich!

These celebs’ stories about the weirdest things fans have ever said to them are pretty amusing. Then there’s this short film about modern fan encounters, too. Have you ever had a celebrity sighting? What did you do? I ran into Madonna once in a tiny Italian town but was too shy to say anything to her (but that didn’t stop me from following her into the teensy-tinsiest stationary store…awkward!).

Diane Keaton is on Pinterest, and she’s got a very specific sense of style.

Finally, these people aren’t famous, but I just love what they’ve done.

What are you reading this week?

Good Morning!

Hi everyone! You won’t realize this when you’re reading this post, but I am up ridiculously early this morning.

You see, I’m trying out a new plan this week where I get up at an ungodly hour of the morning (a.k.a., when Mr. Cook gets up), in order to be productive and crafty before work. This is a big experiment for me since I am NOT a morning person and I loooove my sleep. The counterbalance to this new plan is to go to bed ridiculously early, too. Last night Mr. Cook insisted that he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep so early (9:45), but then as he was cuddling me to sleep, he zonked right out, too. Win!

I am up even before the sun this morning. Which I suppose isn’t all that impressive seeing as we’re getting towards the cold, dark months of the year, and lots of people get up waaaaay earlier than I do regularly. There’s a reason I live only a ten minute drive from my office, though, and it’s so I can sleep as late as possible every morning.

To be honest, I didn’t even get up at Mr. Cook’s normal wake-up time this morning. We negotiated it to a half an hour later than normal so we both could get up at the same time. Ideally, if I get used to this plan, I will get up at Mr. Cook’s regular time and start incorporating morning workouts in, as well. For now, though, I’m okay with sitting in my bathrobe with a cup of tea while I catch up on my blogs.

Hmm, I’m all cozy now. Perhaps a nap is in order?

Monday Monday

Monday Panda

I didn’t post a Music on Monday song today. Did you miss it? Do you like getting music recommendations (or flashbacks)? Let me know! I’ve had all sorts of fun ones rolling around in my brain lately.

This weekend was good. So good and productive that I didn’t get to blogging and I don’t even feel guilty about it. I hung out with my husband (a rare treat these days), got to have lunch with my brother and SIL, went shopping, FINALLY found a round punch that will cut through photo paper (this is a big win in my world!), picked up some unplanned but needed items for myself and for the household, enjoyed prosecco by a fireplace, worked on Project Life (fake PL, because I actually use a Bo Bunny 8″x6″ album for my photo scrapbooking), binge-watched some tube, hung pictures around the house, did a little cooking, celebrated a friend’s birthday, made something both necessary and neat with the help of Mr. Cook (I’ll share later this week hopefully, the teaser is up on my Instagram), and hit up the botanical garden’s semi-annual plant sale for some new greenery. Phew!

Did you have a good weekend? Would Music on Monday have made it better? Let me know in the comments!


Music on Monday

I recently stumbled upon Sylvan Esso, a North Carolina- based electropop band. Their debut album came out earlier this summer, but more than just their music being hypnotizing, I love the care that they put into their music videos. Do you remember music videos? How novel!

You can listen to more of their stuff here and read up on them here and find them on tour here. Happy Monday, y’all.

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