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Music on Monday

Someone recently tipped me off to Perfume Genius. I know, the name sounds like an app to discover a great new scent, doesn’t it? Turns out Perfume Genius is actually a solo artist from Seattle (they must have musical notes in … Continue reading

27. October 2014 by Ana
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The Wednesday Web

It’s Wednesday!! I am always a little discombobulated during weeks when I have a holiday. This week, Mr. Cook and I took Monday off to celebrate our anniversary together. Yay! So now, my Wednesday feels like a Tuesday and the weekend … Continue reading

22. October 2014 by Ana
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Music on Monday: The Anniversary Edition

Today is our first wedding anniversary, so to celebrate, here is a little ditty that we played at our wedding (among the Cal marching band and the live band, we did have some recorded music…this one was a must). Happy … Continue reading

20. October 2014 by Ana
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These Days – Vol. 6

I feel like I just survived a period of ridiculous busy-ness at work and made it through to the other side. What better time than now to do a little check in? These days, I am… Exhausted after attending a big conference this … Continue reading

17. October 2014 by Ana
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Music on Monday

I had a serious Whitney binge the other night. Mr. Cook and I stayed up late YouTube-ing various Whitney songs and singing along. It all started with one particular song popping into Mr. Cook’s head. He started singing it while getting … Continue reading

13. October 2014 by Ana
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10. October 2014 by Ana
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