Nail Art: Glitterati

I’m totally on board with the whole glitter nails trend that’s going around right now. And, boy, is it going. Every store I go to is almost completely sold out of glitter nail polish and almost every other nail design pin on Pinterest is all bedazzled up. In fact, I was inspired by this pin:

Source: via Ana on Pinterest


And by this previous bit of nail art of mine:

To do my latest design – pink glitter tip nails:

It’s super girly and perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up.

I used a couple of coats of Essie Limo-Scene for the pale pink base, then did the tips in Milani’s Disco Lights, and sealed it all up with Sally Hansen’s 30 Second Top Coat. I’m not the neatest nail-painted, but the sparkles don’t require too steady of a hand.

I think it’s pretty festive, don’t you? What are your nails wearing these days?

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02. February 2012 by Ana
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