The Sniffles

I have the sniffles. The uh-oh, is-this-what-I-think-it-is sniffles. I felt fine when I woke up this morning, but by noon my sinuses were sore and I couldn’t breathe through my nose. So, at lunch, I ran and picked up tissues, a vitamin-packed juice blend, and some throat lozenges with Vitamin C in them. Take that, sniffles!

I’m also laying low this evening, sporting my pajamas immediately after work, doing laundry, and catching up on some projects. For instance, watching this on repeat to make myself laugh. And brainstorming up some potential Valentine’s Day cards to send to friends. And probably falling asleep drooling on my pillow while catching up on my favorite shows on Hulu. You know, because that sort of thing is exactly what cures the sniffles.

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31. January 2012 by Ana
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  1. okay, so the girl with the full sized dog…funny.

    and no mention of bacon bourbon caramel popcorn!?!!?!