The Whirlwind

I’ve been really remiss in posting lately because things IRL have been so busy. Lots has changed in my life very quickly and I’m still trying to catch my breath and catch up on sleep and figure out what all is going on. In light of all these new beginnings, I really like my horoscope for this week. Check it out (from Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology, of course):

“Mommy, are scientists real?” the boy asked his mother. “Yes, son, they are,” she replied. “Do they make stuff that is dangerous?” continued the boy. “Sometimes they do,” said the mom. “Then I want to be one when I grow up,” concluded the boy. In the coming weeks, Capricorn, I see you as being like the boy. You’ll be in the mood to brainstorm about what you might like to evolve into, and your fantasies will tend to move in the direction of what’s most adventurous and exciting. I urge you to fully indulge in those flights of fancy. It’s time to dream really big and really free.

Yay! Love it.

I’ve also been listening to a lot of Florence + the Machine. Particularly this song:

What’s new in your life these days?

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19. August 2011 by Ana
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