Easter Bunny-ing It Up

I’ve been channeling the Easter Bunny lately. In addition to the egg planters I made a while back, I also succumbed to the impulse to make my own version of the candy-filled Easter eggs from Not Martha. I’m still working on those, but I’ll be sure to post some photos when they’re done. In the meantime, you might want to check out Oh Happy Day for some great shots and a how-to on glitter-filled eggs (a.k.a. Cascarones). There are so many creative things to do with eggs this time of year, it’s too bad there aren’t more egg-y holidays!

Beyond the egg-centric crafts (bad pun intended), I also made a stuffed bunny for my niece and it’s been waiting patiently for weeks for Easter to arrive so it can get played with. I’m by no means a stuffed animal maker (is there a word for that??), but I was inspired by an accidental bit of crocheting I did. See, I was learning how to crochet and was attempting to stitch a round piece and it kept pulling up and tighter together as I made it so that it ended up looking kind of like a little sun hat. You know, if you were tiny.

Of course, this little hat needed a little head to rest on, so I made a bunny.

I freehanded a pattern and used a remnant bit of white muslin for the body. I tweaked the shape a bit as I went along and realized how things would fit together. I accidentally forgot to put on a face until the head was already stuffed, so there was a bit of experimentation before I was ready to commit to the finished face.

In the end, she turned out pretty cute. Her snout could be better, but I like the round fullness of the body shape.

Now, she just needs to put on her Easter hat and she’s all ready for the holiday!

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20. April 2011 by Ana
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  1. This is SO great!!!