Pretty Springy Easter Egg Planters

I first saw this project idea on Pinterest and fell in love. So pretty! So springy! So do-able!

The idea is originally Better Homes & Gardens, via The Seattle Times, and they outline how to carefully remove the top cap of the egg, punch a drainage hole, and then place small plants into the emptied eggs.

For my version, I skipped the drainage hole step and instead put a small scoop of charcoal bits into the bottom of each egg. I added some potting soil and planted several small plants (I mostly did succulents, figuring the less water required the better). The cutest one by far is the little Forget-Me-Not egg.


I’m making more to use as a centerpiece for Easter dinner. A nice bonus is that when Easter is over, I can just crack the eggs and plant them out. Pretty and functional!

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04. April 2011 by Ana
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