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I’ve been busy, as usual, crafting up all sorts of fun stuff. My latest projects were inspired by a couple of other bloggers and the sunny summer weather (though, the actual creating took place on steamy, rainy day!).

First, I saw this great felt dahlia corsage project over on Not Martha, who originally created them for Holidash and offers up some tips on her own blog. They’re a little labor intensive, since you have to make each of the petals individually, but look great when you’re finished. Here is a photo I took of the process:

As you can see, I hot glued each petal and then let them set by clipping them with clothespins. (The full directions are available on Holidash.) The hot glue worked pretty well, except that I burned my fingertips a few times. Also, when I put the whole thing together I had to deal with those pesky hot glue wisps that tend to get caught everywhere. Mine didn’t come out looking quite as polished as the inspiration, but I think it’s still cute. I somehow didn’t end up using all the petals, but I think I’ll try to squeeze them all in next time to add fullness. I might try making the whole thing a little smaller, though, since it’s kind of large to wear as a corsage.

Here’s the finished project:

The best part is the back:

There’s a cute little spot for a personalized note! I gave the dahlia to my mom, who loved the little note feature.

Since I had some extra felt on my hands, I decided to do another blog project. This one is from MrsPriss and is a lot easier and a perfect use for some of the brooches I got at the Cambridge Antique Mall a while back. Her complete instructions are here (doesn’t mine look just like the sample!). I used the clothespins again, though she doesn’t, and it made things a lot easier. Love it! (And so did my mom! :)

You might recognize the center pin from my photo light study post below. I bought several brooches a while ago, so I’m glad to have a fun use for them. Instead of hot gluing the center, like the inspiration project, I just pinned it into the center so that the recipient can chose to remove it if they want. (The pinning is kind of difficult, but I think it’s worth it. Just make sure the whole thing is completely dry first so you don’t shift the petals around while you’re doing it.)

Also, since I thought the back pocket thing from the dahlia corsage was so cute, I made one on this flower, too:

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