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It’s hard to believe that graduation was two weeks ago now, but I’ve been busily enjoying my vacation time ever since. I had a fun weekend with my parents – hitting up our favorite spot in the North End, enjoying dinner at one of Boston’s nicest steak houses, and cooking up big, tasty breakfasts at my apartment. We did things other than eat, but the food was definitely the focal point…well, that and going for long walks to work off all that food!

Since then, I’ve been busy with several other hobbies – most recently, paper crafts. I’m not sure if it’s my close proximity to PaperSource, but this past year I’ve gotten really into stamping, embossing, and other paper crafts. (It doesn’t hurt that I have several friends who also like to nerd out over card making, and we turn our crafting into social events.)

I’ve always been a fan of making my own stationary and cards, but have definitely taken it to a new level recently. One of my favorite crafty ideas is actually using the PaperSource catalog or other scraps of decorative paper to create whimsical designs out of basic shapes. Around Christmas I cut little Christmas trees out of patterned paper, and at Valentine’s Day I used scraps to create pretty little hearts to glue on cards. Yesterday, I made the following cards:

I had watched an old episode of Martha Stewart in the morning where she was making paper Dogwood flowers, so I used her cutting technique to create the blooms for my cards.

I got this purple card stock a while back and, while it isn’t great for stamping on (the ink doesn’t show up well against the purple), I think it makes the paper flowers pop!

I also wanted to do something to show off a bunch of different patterns at once and have been seeing garlands popping up on a lot of my favorite blogs, so I made these, too:

The cards are pale green flat cards with a cute rickrack edging, which contributes a little bit of whimsy. I’m saving space to stamp them with a message for specific occasions.

My friend Jojo introduced me to PaperSource’s (I know, I’m like a spokesperson for them!) envelope liners a while back and I have been playing with making my own with their liner kit. It’s an easy way to jazz up a greeting card.

I also used the same paper to make personalized cards using letterpress initials I found on sale a while back:

I also did some regular stamping/embossing and made cards for some specific things going on lately. All in all, fancypants cards and  fun way to spend an afternoon!

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