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Berries and Blossoms

This week’s links are all about one of my favorite things – flowers and plants! If you follow my Instagram feed, you know I’m obsessed with bright blooms, but perhaps not so great at the whole green thumb thing.

I love to make flower arrangements and could spend hours wandering around any sort of wild space or backyard picking sprigs and blossoms and putting them into a bouquet. Apparently I’m good at it. Or so the people who don’t feel like they’re good at it themselves tell me. For them, I found these easy tips for flower arranging, because it’s always helpful to start with the basics.

On a slightly fancier level, when you’re ready for the next phase of floral art, you might try these tips for creating a Chez Panisse-worthy arrangement.  This guy has my dream job and maybe my dream backyard too, from the sound of it.

I am eager to try this creative, Japanese-inspired way of bringing the green indoors. Think I could keep it alive longer than all my attempts at air plant gardening?

Finally, I have a crush on these folks at the Flora Cultural Society, because I think they make beautiful things and I love their goal to “re-wild” their lives.

Are you a flower person? How does your garden grow?

Friday Finds (Because I Missed the Web on Wednesday)

Oh my gosh, I have been knee deep reading interesting things this week on the subway, in lines, before bed, etc. In addition to all the crazy, tragic, unjust things that are happening in our world right now, there is a lot of fun, creative activity, as well. Let’s look on the bright side today.

First, a bunch of people in New York and Seattle were asked “What makes you feel beautiful?” Here are their responses. What about you? What makes you feel lovely and special and sassy and fun? I say we focus on those things this weekend.

Did you know that people who make their beds actually sleep better? I did. Because I read this. And also I’m a little obsessive about crawling into a made bed at night. It just feels soooo much better, amiright? Let’s all make our beds this weekend and get great sleep.

Speaking of sleeping, how great would it be to camp out in one of these awesome lighthouses? They are calling to me. They’re pretty bad at using their words, because they’re just lighthouses, you know, but mainly they want me to take a mini vacay to one of them.

I don’t know about you, but I am fond of swear words. They’re just fun to say. But you can still be classy about how you use them. Check out this article about expletive etiquette so you can get the most out of your four letter words.

For a smile, take a peek at this photographer’s whimsical worlds made out of food.

Also, look at the before and afters of the CGI magic used to make some of your favorite movies.

And get outside this weekend and enjoy the fine summer weather with a picnic. Saveur’s “Picnic Generator” will help you come up with ideas.

There, wasn’t that fun? Have a great weekend!

These Days – Vol. 4

These days… I am having a busy week, so I am delinquent on my Web on Wednesday post. Oops! And I have so many good links to share! Maybe I’ll see if I can find the time to get them up for Friday perusing. In the meantime, here’s what else is going on.

These days, I am…

- Watching Freaks and Geeks on Netflix. Such a great show that I have heard about for years, but never had a chance to watch. Also, the music is pretty fun.

- Craving shrimp and grits. Really cheesy grits. Maybe with some bacon tossed in for good measure. Yummm….

- Already brainstorming for Christmas, ’cause I saw something cool come up for sale and I had to buy it. Shh…it’s a secret.

- Needing to find the time to update my photo scrapbook. I’m falling behind in my duties and have a bunch of new pictures to include.

- Hanging out with my cat friend Kirky.

- Excited to see my awesome nieces this weekend. It’s Auntie Time!!

What are you up to these days?


Music on Monday

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet? Mr. Cook and I saw it last weekend and LOVED it. So funny and fun.

Music plays a big part in the movie, and the soundtrack is filled with catchy hits from the 70s and 80s. My kinda kitsch!

Here’s one of my easy-listening faves from the soundtrack:

If you’ve seen the movie, what did you think? Are you getting your own copy of “Awesome Mix Vol. 1″?

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Can It Be Friday Now?

You ever have a week where you’re like this? Yeah, that’s me this week.

Also, does enjoying this make me a bad person?

You can see where my head is at this week.

Happy almost Friday, everyone!

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