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Hey Mike! Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, guess what day it is.

Hey Mike! Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, guess what day it is.

It’s Wednesday!! I am always a little discombobulated during weeks when I have a holiday. This week, Mr. Cook and I took Monday off to celebrate our anniversary together. Yay! So now, my Wednesday feels like a Tuesday and the weekend is surprisingly close again. Double yay!

In honor of the marriage-y-ness of this week for me, I thought I’d share a collection of articles and opinion pieces about relationships, marriage, family, the whole bit. For the sake of transparency, let me give the disclaimer that nothing below is meant to be reflective of my marriage or Mr. Cook’s and my situation, I just thought it was all interesting or thought-provoking.

Texting patterns of dating couples vs. married couples.

Five things people in healthy relationships do.

This heartbreaking read about miscarriages and math.

Marriage and children as abstract ideals of happiness.

Couples talk candidly about infidelity.

Interracial relationships that changed history.

How parenting is killing marriage.

What do we sacrifice by living curated lives?

And, okay, fine, here is one timely link that does pertain to Mr. Cook and me. :)

Happy (thoughtful) hump day, everyone!!

These Days – Vol. 6

I feel like I just survived a period of ridiculous busy-ness at work and made it through to the other side. What better time than now to do a little check in? These days, I am…

Exhausted after attending a big conference this week that was beyond ridiculousness in size and scope. Beyond.

Sporting a few new clothing items after doing some rare personal shopping. Yay, fall apparel!

Excited that the Walking Dead is back on the air. Just bought our season viewing pass online.

Watching a few movies lately – Boyhood (so good), The Boxtrolls (cute), and The Skeleton Twins (good acting, but otherwise just okay).

Planning our trip to South Africa. I can’t believe it’s really happening…and so soon!

Needing to do some serious house organizing. Maybe it’s the changing of the seasons, but I am ready for some purging and reorganizing.

Baking up some sweet treats to commemorate fall (pumpkin bread!) and Mr. Cook’s impending birthday (cookies!).

Celebrating Mr. Cook’s and my first anniversary of marriage! Can you believe it’s been a year already? Maybe I’ll finally post some wedding photos – ha!

What are you up to these days?

Music on Monday

I had a serious Whitney binge the other night.

Mr. Cook and I stayed up late YouTube-ing various Whitney songs and singing along. It all started with one particular song popping into Mr. Cook’s head. He started singing it while getting ready for bed. At which point I got this stuck in my head, and had to look up the original to cleanse my brain.

Which, of course, led to having to listen to this, perhaps my all-time favorite Whitney song:

This song also took over my brain recently, humming along in the background during an entire grocery store trip. Love it.

What have you been singing along to recently?

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The Wednesday Web

I’m feeling a little scattered this week. Is it just me? Is it the full moon? Is it the fact that a million things are due at work in the next couple of weeks? D) All of the above?

I decided not to fight it. If the world is a little scattered, so are my links this week. Nothing like some interesting distractions when everything is topsy turvy!

First, as a snap-happy camera phone addict, I thought this comparison of iPhone cameras across the generations was kinda neat. Do you carry a separate camera anymore, or are you like me and use your phone for most of your snapshots? I am already looking forward to the improved camera on the 6 when I am due for my next upgrade.

How far can you get down this list of pictures that prove the world isn’t all bad without tearing up? (I got to #9.)

Before you hit the pumpkin patch, you might want to check out this guide to the different kinds of pumpkins you can choose from. I picked up a good ol’ fashioned “Aladdin” for our front door, but I’ve always been partial to the Fairytale pumpkins (I’ve also heard them referred to as Cinderella pumpkins).

There’s a lot going on in the world. Here’s what you should *not* be worrying about.

I suffer from this. Big time. ARG.

Are you feeling smart today? Here’s a fun IQ test to gauge your smahts. (See there, why did I slip into a Boston accent? Scattered, I tell you.)

And, finally, continuing the super random theme, I was intrigued by this article on how your name affects your lot in life. There are clearly instances where racism/ethnocentrism via evaluating someone’s name come into play, but what about the other scenarios? Is a rose by any other name as sweet?

What’s on your radar this week? Reading anything good?

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