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If today’s links have a theme, it’s about being good with what you’ve got.

For starters, this 2 year-old boy who’s “got it”. (He may have made me cry. Watch the video; you can’t help but cheer for him.)

Then, there’s this thought-provoking article about weight and eating. I was fascinated by the assertion that we teach boys and girls different things about what our bodies should do and mean. Related, I was amused by the author’s sassiness in this article about wearing a bikini to the beach.

And I love this piece about actress Uzo Aduba from Orange is the New Black, on why she loves the gap in her teeth. As a fellow gapper, I totally get her perspective. My own front tooth gap was “fixed” with braces when I was 12 years old, only to come raring back as soon as I ditched the retainers a year later. The family gap genes are too strong to fight, so I’ve embraced my gap ever since.

How do you embrace what you’ve got? Are you a work in progress or just fine the way you are?

Also, what’s catching your eye around the web this week?

Dishing on Downton Abbey

Are you a Downton Abbey devotee like I am? Season 5 is premiering in the UK soon, which means the first teaser has been aired:

Seems a little vague, no? We won’t get to see for ourselves in the US until January 2015.

If you’re having pangs for your Downton fix, you might enjoy this little send-up:

(Why am I not surprised that Downton people are also cat people? ;)

And, oh hey, if you’re a fan of British tv on PBS, there’s also this news.

Music on Monday

Mr. Cook and I rented The Secret Life of Walter Mitty recently. It was pretty to watch and fairly entertaining. A good Sunday-night-on-the-couch kind of film.

The soundtrack was particularly nice, and these guys caught my ear. Have you heard Junip before? They’re from Sweden and have been on-and-off for a number of years. I hope they stay “on” this time around…

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day to all my compatriots! I hope you’re having a sunny, special day with friends and family.

I’m looking forward to fireworks tonight (I love fireworks!), and hoping none of my neighbors are planning on doing their own fireworks shows!

Isn’t this a gorgeous painting? It’s by SF-based artist Paul Ferney. You can buy it and others in this series here.

Crafty: Popsicle Stick Puppets

OMG, I finally got a chance to craft. And it felt good!

Even better, it was a really quick craft, so I was actually able to complete it and clean up easily. Yay!

I pinned these little popsicle stick dolls to my “Kids” board on Pinterest aaaaggggesss ago (yes, that long). They’re super cute and fairly straightforward.

TeaWagonTales Lolly Puppets

Aren’t they adorable and totally do-able? Especially for someone who is as washi-obsessed as me? :)

My niece E has been into the idea of making movies lately, and I thought these little puppets would be PERFECT for her to use in her plays and movies. (BTW, if your kiddos are into this – as mine are – check out the Lego Movie Maker app. It’s super easy and fun for making short stop motion movies.)

We had the fat popsicle sticks already, and I even have some wide washi tape that is exactly the width of the sticks. My little face drawings aren’t as good as Teawagon Tales’, but they’ll do just fine. G encouraged me to make some male puppets for E, too, so I did that (though the hair/faces are harder to pull off).

My version of the Lolly Dollies

I’m going to pop these in the mail to E soon so that she can get to making “movies” with her new popsicle stick puppets. Cute, no? And a craft accomplished!

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