Time to Say Goodbye?

My hosting and domain registration bill is coming due for this blog soon, and I’m seriously debating if it’s time for me to put this project to bed. Is it time to say goodbye?

To be honest, I haven’t had or made much time for the blog in many months, and I am gills deep in other professional and creative projects. I no longer cook as much as I used to, so the blog title isn’t necessarily an accurate reflector of what I share as content or what I path I would want to take for the blog if I were to start it today.

How do you know when it’s time to move on to the next thing?

30. March 2015 by Ana
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Shh…Maybe If We’re Real Quiet, January Will Just Go Away


Even though I *love* the new clean energy of a new year, and even though January is my birth month, I kind of always just want January to go away. In my line of work, January is a nightmare. It is the bane of my year. The pimple at the prom.

This year is no different. I have a cold. (Last year, I had migraines, so I daresay this is better.) I am exhausted (already!). I have a to-do list about two miles long. I have to go out of town for work at the worst time ever. And I have no time to do all the lovely, refreshing, first-of-the-year things I wish I could do. Because January sucks.

So, let’s be really quiet and maybe we can just tiptoe past this whole crazy month… Whaddya say?

07. January 2015 by Ana
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That Time That I Was Going on Vacation, Went on Vacation, and Came Back from Vacation and Didn’t Post the Whole Time

Oh wait, that would be this time.

This is me, dealing with all the things I have to do:

Merry Christmas!

Haha, I love that parrot. But, really, I’ve been redonk busy. I’ve decided to take a page from some of my more esteemed bloggers and give myself a break this month. I’ll be back with better, more refreshed blogginess in the new year.

Cheers, y’all, and happy 2015!


23. December 2014 by Ana
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Friday Finds

Okay, this is my cheat version of sharing The Wednesday Web two days late. Actually, like three weeks late since I haven’t posted a set in a while. Meanwhile, my inbox is all full of starred goodies to share with y’all.

I love how gorgeous and poetic these dancers movements are when captured as two-dimensional art.

This art project is also interesting.

This little guy is so adorable, I can’t stop watching. Ahh, the cuteness!

I thought this was a fascinating insight into how people think.

This movie comes out today and I am dying to see it (and pretty excited for this one, too).

Speaking of movies, this film-related artwork is pretty entertaining.

It’s Friday, so get your weekend slacker on with these pre-1996 arcade games.

I think I’ve finally adjusted, but this take on Daylight Savings Time cracked me up.

I totally want to become a regular at this bar.

Who’s going to try making these this weekend? So cool, I can’t decide if kids or adults would be more entertained.

This is a pretty rad new device if you’re into sketching. Which, apparently, we all should be if we want to de-stress.

Finally, I want to take this guy home and snuggle with him all weekend…in the bathtub.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

21. November 2014 by Ana
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These Days – Vol. 7

I have been negligent with blogging these days. Have you noticed? Sometimes I don’t know if anyone reads this thing, so I don’t feel too much guilt for not posting more frequently. (I know my site stats tell me YOU are reading, so okay, I feel a little guilty – sorry!)

These days, I am…

Starting to feel a little stressed out by how soon the holidays are! Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week already?? I am glad that I get to be an eater and not a cooker, but I still can’t believe we’re already in mid-November. Craziness! The rest of the year is going to go by in a flash.

Ordering the supplies we’ll need for our impending South Africa trip. We finally got confirmation of the dates and our plane tickets are purchased. We get to stay with one of my b-school friends when we’re done with our mission, plus we’re hoping to get out into the animal-filled parts of the country. I’m bringing my binoculars! Lions and zebras and elephants, oh my! Now, to get all the recommended punctures and pills so we stay healthy.

Planning for Christmas and making lists, lists, and more lists.

Getting crafty (see above) and starting some new projects.

Sniffing the new See’s Candy catalog. I swear, it smells like chocolate. Either that or our house just smells like chocolate. With Mr. Cook’s sweet tooth, it’s definitely within the realm of possibility.

Baking seasonal treats. I baked up some apple hand pies this weekend with the apples we picked up in Mendocino the weekend before. Next up is turning some persimmons from my parents’ yard into something yummy for my book club.

Listening intently to Serial. Are you hooked?

Watching each. awesome. episode. after the other of The Walking Dead. Such a good season, it’s kind of painful to watch it a week at a time instead of getting to binge-watch.

Reevaluating what my personal activities and goals are for 2015. This year has been a little nuts, so it’s the time of year to take stock of everything and reflect on how I want next year to feel (and how I want to feel next year!). Do you have any plans for how you want 2015 to go?

Reading this book (and wanting to read this one next). Have you read anything good lately?

What are you up to these days?

17. November 2014 by Ana
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Sweet Democracy

Did you vote yet today? Polls are open until 8pm in many places (you can see how late yours are open by checking here). Mr. Cook and I voted “absentee” this year. We actually didn’t get around to reading up and deciding our stances on things until last night, so we sealed up our ballots and he’s dropping them off in person today.

I have distinct memories as a kid of going with my mom or dad (or both) to our neighborhood school cafeteria for them to vote. Even after they switched to doing vote-by-mail, they would still sit down together at the kitchen table as soon as the voter guides came out to figure out how they were voting. It was impressed upon me that they each got to cast their own vote, so while they agreed on issues and candidates 97% of the time, when they didn’t happen to agree on something, they still each got their own say and would vote their own opinions independently of each other. Democracy. Kind of amazing (especially to a kid!).

This year, Mr. Cook and I wanted to impart some of the same lessons to our kiddos, which, logistically, was part of the reason we waited so late to fill out our ballots. Last night, while Mr. Cook prepared dinner, I read aloud all the state propositions and candidates and we discussed them. After dinner, we had the kids sit with us and I read aloud the local measures and we asked the kids how they would vote on each item and discussed our thinking behind each option and how a yes or no vote would affect our community. Then, to make it a little more exciting, we had an election of our own!

Over the weekend, we stopped by a local chocolate factory and each of us picked out different flavors of chocolates that we wanted to try. For our special election last night, I cut each chocolate square into four pieces and put them on a platter for tasting and voting. We tasted each flavor, discussed it, and then when we were all done, voted on our favorites. The kids were way more interested in whether milk chocolate caramel beat out dark chocolate mint than they were about school district reserves and municipal retirement annuities. Not that I can blame them!

A chocolate election!

Milk chocolate caramel totally won, by the way.

I’m not sure if we’ve achieved our goal of creating an involved junior citizenry yet, but hopefully it’ll be something the kids remember when they’re all grown up and sitting down at their own kitchen tables to work on their ballots.

Happy Election Day, everyone. Get out and vote!

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